Consumer Services

All prices listed are for labor only, any costs for parts or equipment that needs to be replaced would be additional.

General Diagnostics – $50

If you’re not sure what is wrong, then I can come pick up your system and perform a full test of everything to determine the issue. Paid up front, but after the cause of the issue is determined if you decide to have me fix it, the payment is the applied to the full repair cost with the difference to be collected at the time of delivery. Full testing is not possible on site because of how much time each individual scan can take, however basic diagnostics can sometimes be done on site for simple issues. If the problem is something super simple or basic, the diagnostic fee will cover 30 min of repair time to fix it at no additional charge whether found on site or not.

Basic Virus removal – $150

Covers everything needed to get an infected system back up to healthy running condition. I will come pick up your system and bring it to my work space for repair. Onsite repair can be made available however will be billed at the hourly rate. All attempts will be made to recover and restore any personal data affected by the infection, but unfortunately there cannot be any guarantee if the data is too corrupted. I can install your choice of antivirus or provide you with one as well as other system tools to help prevent reinfection. Full payment is due at time of delivery, and turn around will vary depending on the severity of the damage to the system.

Fresh Install Windows – $100

For new computers or if your system is to far gone to recover. Just a basic wipe and reload of the system including all drivers and system components and updates. I can also reinstall whatever software you would like to provide as well as antivirus and security. If you have no preference for antivirus, I can provide one for you. Work is performed at my work space, but on site service can be scheduled for the hourly rate. Full payment is due upon delivery.

Upgrades – $50 plus parts

Basic physical installation and configuration of upgrade parts such as video cards, audio cards, RAM, new hard drives etc. Usually done onsite, but can also be done in my work space if needed. I can provide the upgrade parts needed if your not sure what is compatible, but there may be extra fees for multiple visits to the house. Specifics will be discussed before hand for each requested service.

Training – $100/hr

Maybe everything works just fine on your computer. Maybe, just maybe, your the problem? We tend to call that an ID-10T error.  No problem, that is easy enough to fix as well. All training will be done on site using your own equipment and can cover most topics that you may need from basic computer usage to online safety. I can also provide entry level education for programming and development.